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How to get an Apple appointment (PDF)

Apple has announced that a virtual appointment will be available at all Apple retail stores in the United States starting Friday, November 7.

Apple has also added a virtual calendar feature that lets you add your appointments to your Apple calendar.

You can choose from three different calendars that can be shared across Apple devices.

If you prefer to have your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac in sync, you can choose to have it synced via iCloud.

Apple’s virtual appointment service is available to iPhone and iPad owners with an Apple ID or AppleCare+ membership.

In addition, you’ll also be able to get a virtual schedule to get things done at work.

Apple says the new virtual appointments feature is only available to Apple Watch owners.

You’ll be able access the Apple Watch’s calendar via the Apple app, as well as through the Watch app on your phone.

Apple is also offering a new virtual calendar that can include all of your Apple devices in sync.

You can find out more about Apple’s virtual appointments service and how to set it up in the Apple Insider program.