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What’s in your Apple Genius appointment?

Apple’s smartwatch is being rolled out to customers in the United States, but the company has not yet opened a UK store.

The company’s US service, Apple Watch, will be rolled out in the UK in late September, according to a tweet from a user who works for Apple.

Apple is also launching a new “digital hub” that will allow users to “create, edit, share, edit again, save and share,” according to the company.

The service will be available to UK users in late October.

The new hub will be able to provide Apple Watch users with “instant access to more than 15 million apps” and will allow them to “share their Apple Watch experience with friends, family, and even colleagues via the app.”

Users can also create their own accounts for access to the Apple Watch.

The hub will also be able “offer quick, personalized recommendations based on the Apple watch’s features and activities, along with personalized content, images, and videos,” according a company blog post.