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Apple appointment: Man dies in car accident

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he has appointed two of his top managers as part of a major reshuffle to boost the Apple Inc. workforce, and the company is set to hire a new chief operating officer, as well as a new executive director.

The shakeup follows the abrupt departure of the former chief financial officer of the company, who left in September.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook speaks to reporters on April 18, 2021.

Apple CEO Timothy Cook speaks in New York City on April 17, 2021, after the company announced it had hired an executive to lead the development of new software.

Apple’s top executives are set to make the appointments, sources told Reuters.

Cook has made it clear that he wants the top two people in charge to be new hires and is also expected to hire new corporate and leadership leaders.

Apple has already appointed its next chief financial executive, and Cook is set on building a new company from scratch, according to sources.

Apple is also set to begin laying off more than 700 employees as it tries to boost its workforce to more than 200,000.

“We have a long way to go, but we’re on the right track,” Cook told investors at a meeting on Tuesday.

Cook also said that the company will soon start hiring its first female executive.

In the wake of the death of its former CEO, Tim Cook, Apple said it has hired a new CEO and is looking to hire more women to run the company.

Cook said on April 16 that the new chief executive will “have the opportunity to lead a team of highly experienced, motivated people.”

Apple is not the only company to hire someone to lead its technology development team.

Google and Microsoft also have new chief technology officers.

The company announced on April 15 that it had named an executive for its new technology team, as did Facebook.