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How to get a pregnant tech hire

With her baby daughter in the back of the car, Brittany Johnson was getting ready to head home from a long day of work at Google.

But, when she got to her home, her car was gone.

“I looked in the garage, I was like, ‘I don’t want to hear that,'” Johnson says.

“My son was asleep and I just kind of had this feeling that I’m going to be late for my appointment.”

But the realisation dawned when Johnson went to the door of her home and found the car in the driveway.

She’d just arrived at work.

“It’s like a nightmare because I had a miscarriage,” she says.

Johnson was shocked and saddened when she found out that she’d been fired.

“They fired me because I didn’t have a baby,” she recalls.

“And I had to go back to work the next day, and it was so hard.”

The termination was finalised by Google’s Human Resources team.

Johnson was told her termination would be permanent, and her employment would be terminated.

Her termination was based on a violation of her contract.

She was told she was not eligible for a termination.

Johnson says she was told Google was trying to force her to terminate.

“In my mind, I just don’t have any power,” she said.

“Google was trying my will and telling me to terminate.”

Johnson says the termination was so stressful she needed medical leave.

“This has ruined my life,” she adds.

The termination, which is still ongoing, has forced her to make tough decisions.

Johnson is still unsure what to do next.

“The termination is the only thing that is holding me back, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” she explains.

“So, I don-t know what to tell my daughter.”

Johnson has been a tech recruiter at Google for about a year and says she’s frustrated with her termination.

“When you work at this company, you get to work with great people.

And I really wanted to help people, and to be able to contribute,” she tells News24.

But she says Google doesn’t offer maternity leave, so she’s worried her termination could affect her future.

Johnson’s termination is not the only time she’s faced with this issue.

“We get a lot of complaints about what we do at Google, and we get people complaining about their termination or termination of a job,” she notes.

“But this is a big problem, especially because I’m pregnant.”

Johnson said she was hoping to receive a termination notice from Google’s human resources department, but it hasn’t happened.