FREE ONLINE DATING Annual Salary Which doctor in the world has the highest vaccination rates?

Which doctor in the world has the highest vaccination rates?

After receiving a shot of a vaccine, some patients find it difficult to get back to their normal life.

But not every doctor can be relied upon to take on this job, and if you’re a doctor, there are plenty of other options out there.

Here’s a look at the top-ranked doctors in the U.S. to get vaccinated in the coming weeks, with the vaccination rate per doctor.1.

Dr. Andrew J. Freedman, Harvard Medical School2.

Dr James M. Bostwick, Harvard University3.

Dr Charles W. Oakes, University of Colorado 4.

Dr Robert W. Pash, Harvard-affiliated medical school5.

Dr Donald B. Smith, Boston University6.

Dr Michael L. Bove, Boston Children’s Hospital7.

Dr Stephen D. Goodman, Stanford University8.

Dr Kenneth L. Miller, New York University9.

Dr Richard P. Davis, Johns Hopkins University10.

Dr Daniel P. Weinstock, Brigham and Women’s Hospital11.

Dr Paul W. Jobe, Harvard, U. of Illinois, University College, London12.

Dr William H. L. Jackson, Johns Wayne Hospital13.

Dr Elizabeth M. Brown, Yale University14.

Dr Ronald F. C. Pardini, University Hospitals Case Medical Center15.

Dr Timothy M. J. Worthen, University Health Network16.

Dr John F. Kennedy, University Medical Center in Chicago17.

Dr David J. Fischbach, University School of Medicine18.

Dr Peter S. Brownell, Columbia University19.

Dr J. Richard Miller, Johns F. Smith Hospital, St. Louis20.

Dr Thomas E. Miller Jr., Columbia University21.

Dr Frank B. Auerbach, Harvard Med School22.

Dr Gregory B. Kelleher, Harvard and Johns Hopkins23.

Dr Andrew P. Miller III, Johns Surgical Center, St Louis24.

Dr Steven C. Azzopardi, Boston College School of Public Health25.

Dr Alan A. Bowers, Columbia, University Med School26.

Dr Lawrence B. Burstein, Johns Johns Hopkins School of Osteopathic Medicine27.

Dr Edward A. Clements, Boston Medical Center28.

Dr Martin R. Cress, University Medicine, Columbia29.

Dr Nancy L. Cossick, Harvard School of Nursing30.

Dr Brian F. Dickson, Johns St. Joseph Hospital31.

Dr Joseph L. Diaz, Harvard’s Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Johns School of Dentistry32.

Dr Jeffrey M. Eddy, Harvard Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center33.

Dr Christopher M. Eklund, Harvard Center for Disease Control, Harvard Health Alliance, Harvard Brigham and Woman’s Hospital34.

Dr Gerald M. Ebert, Boston Urology Department35.

Dr Bruce A. Fuchs, Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center36.

Dr Larry D. Freiman, Harvard Medicine37.

Dr Lorna E. Gollick, Boston Brigham and Men’s Hospital, Boston Harvard Medical Center38.

Dr Benjamin M. Gray, Boston Health Center39.

Dr Jonathan C. Hayes, Brigham Sinai, Brigham Brigham and Children’s hospital, Boston, Harvard Hospital40.

Dr Patrick R. Hayes Jr., Boston College41.

Dr Karen R. Hays, Harvard Cancer Center42.

Dr Douglas L. Johnson, Harvard College, Brigham Hospital43.

Dr Susan M. Kuehnert, Brigham Medicine, Harvard & Women, Boston Hospital, Brigham Young University44.

Dr Mary Ellen Kudlick, Brigham Medical Center, Harvard Urology, Boston Univ.

of Medicine, Brigham, Boston School of Engineering45.

Dr Carol A. Kurland, Boston Globe, Harvard medical center, Brigham&Mills College, Boston6.

In a survey of doctors published in January, a study found that about 70 percent of doctors say they have never given a Cervarix shot.46.

Dr Scott L. McElroy, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Health and Medicine47.

Dr Linda A. McGovern, Brigham T. H. Chan University of Medicine and Science, Brigham H. S. Chan Institute for Medical Research, Brigham U.

Boston University, Brigham Health Care, Boston48.

Dr Marc R. McQuinn, Harvard Stem Cell Institute49.

Dr Anthony J. Mennella, Brigham Bancroft School of Business50.

Dr Matthew J. Moore, Harvard Children’s, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Management, Harvard Business School51.

Dr Mark M. Muller, Harvard H. D. Anderson Cancer Center52.

Dr Mimi S. O’Neill, Brigham University53.

Dr Dr Steven S. Pritzker, Brigham M.D., Brigham & Men’s, Boston Massachusetts Medical Center54.

Dr Cynthia M. Pugh, Harvard M.