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How to get an AppleCare appointment with a friend or family member (2016)

article You might have an Applecare appointment with someone at work, but you can’t schedule one with your family or friends, or have one set for yourself.

So if you’re on vacation, or need to cancel an appointment with your doctor, or are thinking about leaving work for a day, here’s how to schedule an AppleCares appointment.

The best way to get your appointment on time is to go to a local Apple store, then go to the AppleCare app on your iPhone.

You can also make an appointment online by calling an Apple representative.

For example, you can schedule an appointment on the iPhone’s calendar app.

You can also call the Apple Store to make an Apple Care appointment.

(If you can make an iPhone appointment, then you can also order AppleCare appointments online.)

The best time to make your AppleCare visit is a few weeks after you return to work.

If you can, schedule an additional appointment, but it has to be at least a few months ahead of time.

You could also do an AppleTalk appointment.

You may want to also try calling AppleCare directly.

AppleCare’s schedule is available on its website, and AppleCare staff are available to assist you.

You should also check the Apple Care app for any new appointments or to see if you qualify for a refund.

AppleCare is the most common form of payment available with AppleCare.

For more information about AppleCare, read our AppleCare FAQ.