FREE ONLINE DATING Age Driver appointments are on hold at Manitoba’s premier’s office

Driver appointments are on hold at Manitoba’s premier’s office

Manitoba’s Premier Mark Goldring said Friday that appointments will not be available for a while due to “unforeseen events”.

The provincial government’s driver appointments are scheduled to be cancelled for a few weeks due to a snowstorm and high winds that have caused havoc at the provincial offices.

“The appointments are not going to happen this week.

That’s our position,” said Goldring.

“There are still a number of appointments that need to be made.”

The premier’s deputy chief of staff, Mike Mraz, said that was not the case.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Mraz said in an interview with CBC News.

“That was a decision that was made by the premier himself.

The premier made the decision.

That decision was the reason the appointments were cancelled.”

Goldring has been a cabinet minister in his first term and has a majority of the provincial government.

The province has been plagued by a number snowstorms and a string of high winds since February.

A major storm last week swept through the province and damaged some of the state’s largest buildings.

In the wake of the storm, Goldring announced the province was going to hold an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the storm and its impact.

“It’s very concerning for the premier’s staff and the government,” said Mraz.

“I know that’s the position of the premier, and I think it’s a reasonable position for him to take.”

Goldrings office reopened on Monday after the storm cleared, but Mraz says that’s not enough time to make appointments.

“As you know, we’re dealing with a number people who need to make decisions and they’re all people that we’ve had on the job for years,” said the deputy chief.

“And the reason they’re not in the office is because we’re going to have to put them on the road and get them to appointments.”

Mraz’s comments came as the government issued a press release late Friday saying the province is cancelling its driver appointments and will be reopening it on Monday.

The press release stated that while appointments would be available on Monday, there were “issues to be resolved.”