FREE ONLINE DATING Annual Salary When the president decides to let you go for no reason

When the president decides to let you go for no reason

Vice News has obtained a memo from the White House that details the reasons for the abrupt removal of a senior advisor to President Donald Trump.

The memo was sent by Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Matthew Miller on March 12, two days after Trump was sworn in.

The decision to remove the White Tower policy advisor comes amid the mounting controversy over the president’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The White House is still trying to figure out why Miller decided to remove her and the other former aides in early February.

The White House has refused to comment on the memo or the reason for the termination.

Miller’s memo says the White Towers’ decision was made to “remain neutral” in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

That’s the reason Miller gave, but that’s also the reason he says he’s now letting go of Trump’s National Security Advisor.

The administration’s explanation, according to Miller, was that the President had “changed his mind” on the decision to leave Miller alone in the White Trumps offices.

The memo said the White Trump Tower staff decided to do so because they feared a backlash from the President over their decision to speak out publicly about the Russia investigation.

The fact that Miller decided against resigning is not at issue, Miller’s memo said.

Miller is the former deputy national security adviser to Trump who was brought in to help Trump navigate the aftermath of the February 2016 presidential election, according the Washington Post.

The president was furious that Miller refused to step down after Miller refused the president to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Miller was one of several former Trump aides who spoke out publicly against Comey’s firing.

Miller left the White trumps office shortly after Trump became president in January.

He was fired after just two weeks in office.

Miller has been a frequent critic of the president and his policies, including his decision to cancel a planned military parade in late April and the removal of two anti-Trump statues that were slated to be built in D.C.

The removal of Miller is the latest example of Trump, who often defends his decision-making style and is said to be a political pariah, having to defend his actions to the president.