FREE ONLINE DATING Age A trip to Derry will cost you more than you think

A trip to Derry will cost you more than you think

The average Derry holiday has been reduced by more than 10 per cent to an average of €3,600 this year, with a number of cheaper options being available.

The cost of the cheapest option available is now €2,700, down from €3.1, and the cheapest accommodation option is €2.6, up from €1.9.

A number of more expensive hotels are available for a fraction of the cost of these cheaper options, including the popular Holiday Inn Derry, which costs €2 per night, and a Derry flat, which is available for €1,200 per night.

There are also some cheaper options for those looking to stay longer at a cheaper rate, such as the hotel DoubleTree in Derry and the boutique hotel in Clondalkin, which cost an average €1 per night in the early months.

A couple of hotels in Co. Meath and Co. Clare are also cheaper, with average prices of €2 and €1 for the two hotels.

The majority of hotels offer a range of amenities, with the cheapest options costing an average 30 per cent more than their cheapest competitors.

The most popular hotel is the Hilton in the city centre, where the average stay for four people is €8,500.

The cheapest accommodation options in Direbrook include the Holiday Inn Hotel in Londonderry and The Hotel Royal in Drogheda, with an average cost of €1 an hour.

Another popular option is the St Michael’s Hotel in Armagh, which has a price of €6,500 for four rooms.