FREE ONLINE DATING Contact NDMC cancels NDMV appointment due to a serious case

NDMC cancels NDMV appointment due to a serious case

NDMC in the state of Maharashtra has cancelled the appointment of a public health official due to concerns over his conduct and mental health, the state government said on Tuesday. 

The announcement came after a woman was arrested on charges of sedition in the case. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had been on the offensive over the issue and had accused Fadna of “peddling” the false information in an attempt to stoke unrest against him. 

A few hours later, the chief minister announced that NDMC had decided to end the appointment as a precautionary measure. 

“I am deeply saddened by this decision of NDMC,” Fadlavis told reporters. 

However, he added that the government would look into the matter. 

In a statement, NDMC spokesperson Pankaj Kumar said the office was not connected to any political party and was a position of the state’s public health department. 

He added that NDMVs office had been closed for a week.

“A number of senior public health officials have been dismissed from the public health service due to their alleged involvement in sedition and criminal activity,” Kumar said. 

On Wednesday, Fadli, who was appointed as NDMC chief on July 16, had called for a protest at NDMC offices across the state, including those of the union home ministry and the state finance ministry. 

 “The police has already registered a case against NDMVI, a senior officer of the ministry, for his alleged role in seditious activities.

If he is convicted of the sedition charge, he will be arrested by the police,” he had said.

Earlier, a video of a person allegedly protesting against the NDMVP appointment went viral on social media. 

Some of the slogans chanted by protesters during the protests included: “Fadnaris is guilty of criminal action.

The government will not let him get away with this”, and “Stop NDMVA, FADNA.” 

The NDMVS was set up to act as the Maharashtra public health unit, which was set-up in July to help the state implement the state-wide drug ban. 

During the NDMA, it was also accused of providing fake documents to NDMC to justify the drug ban, which has seen the death of more than 100 people since the drug crisis began. 

Police said the NDMPV had a section headed by an assistant director of public health, who has been arrested for allegedly “sedition.” 

(With inputs from PTI)