FREE ONLINE DATING Age US veterans receive medical care after VA delays appointment

US veterans receive medical care after VA delays appointment

Veterans in West Virginia who were injured while serving in the US military will soon receive medical treatment after the Veterans Affairs Department delayed their appointment.

The department is waiting to hear from the state to begin the process.

“The VA is currently working with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services on scheduling a VA appointment for the patients who need care,” the VA said in a statement.

“We are hopeful that we can have this scheduled for later this week.”

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and the West Virgina Veterans Affairs Office (VVAO) confirmed to Business Insider that VA was “notifying” West Virginia residents who need health care that the state is “still waiting for VA to schedule an appointment with them.”

Tomblin tweeted his approval of the move.

“Good news.

VA’s scheduling delays are a good thing,” he tweeted.

The state will now work with the VA to determine if the wait time for veterans is acceptable.

“This is a win for West Virginians, as we are seeing veterans coming back to work,” said Mike Wooten, the director of public affairs at West Virgins VAO.

West Virgais Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Jones told reporters that the decision to delay the VA’s decision came from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The move comes as more and more West Virginian veterans are returning to their jobs after being discharged from the military, according to CNN.

In November, the VA began scheduling a number of medical appointments for West Virginia veterans who were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The VA was also forced to wait weeks for the release of documents relating to the delay in its appointment.

West Virginia has a population of about 2.3 million people.

The West Virginia Department of Public Health has been the state’s health agency since 2005, and the agency has been working to address the health issues of West Virginia’s veterans, including a recent announcement that the VA will hire 15 new physicians and nurses to help treat post-concussion symptoms in veterans who have recovered from their injury.