FREE ONLINE DATING Annual Salary Biden appoints two more D.C. D.MV. members to his Cabinet

Biden appoints two more D.C. D.MV. members to his Cabinet

President Biden announced Wednesday that two of his Cabinet members will be appointed to the D.I.C., the agency that oversees the nation’s energy supply.

The D.E.M.V. appointed Tom Loeffler, an energy policy expert, and Mike McCurry, a former director of energy and environmental policy, to the Cabinet, The Washington Post reported.

Biden also appointed Kevin Cramer, who was chief counsel at the Department of Energy during the George W. Bush administration, and Scott Gottlieb, a retired U.S. Marine Corps general who has worked for the oil and gas industry.

Bidens Cabinet also includes John F. Hagerty, who is in his sixth term as head of the Department Of Housing and Urban Development, and Richard Cordray, the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In his remarks Wednesday, Biden also named former Vice President Joe Biden to be the next secretary of state.

The move is the latest of many changes that the president is making as he seeks to fill the positions that have become increasingly vacant in his administration.

The president made the announcement on the sidelines of the D-Day commemoration for World War II veterans in Virginia Beach.