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How to get an appointment for a new job in Phoenix

The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued a bulletin saying there is no “magic hour” for applying for a job that requires an appointment, according to ABC News.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) issued the bulletin on Friday, the first time in over 20 years that the agency has been able to issue a bulletin that allows employees to get work done without an appointment.

The bulletin also warns that there are many jobs that require an appointment that could be done with little to no inconvenience. 

The FAA said the agency would not be issuing new safety rules for airport parking areas and that there was no need to issue any new guidance.

In fact, the FAA said, there were not any new safety issues related to parking at airports.

FAA spokeswoman Julie Dickson told ABC News that the bulletin is not designed to affect how employees get to work or how they are compensated. 

“There is no magic hour when applying for jobs,” Dickson said.

“It is a way to encourage employees to be productive and to make sure they are doing the work that they are supposed to be doing.” 

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Authority, which oversees airports and other public facilities in the United States, revised the requirements for airport employee scheduling, including setting a “workweek minimum”.

The new rule allows employees on short-term assignment to be paid on a week-to-week basis, and requires them to report to work on a Saturday and Sunday, which are often considered “peak times” for airport workers.

Dickson said the FAA does not expect that any changes will affect how employers use employees. 

But the bulletin does offer some tips on how to get the most out of an appointment in Phoenix, where there are more than 5,000 employees working in the airport.

To get a job, the person must:  1.

Provide a work schedule 2.

Be able to answer questions about scheduling 3.

Attend meetings 4.

Be available to schedule an appointment with a supervisor or supervisor’s representative 5.

Work with an HR manager who is experienced in scheduling and compensation issues 6.

Be aware of your rights as an employee 7.

Be prepared to pay your own way and use public transportation, if applicable, for travel to the airport 8.

Have an approved medical certificate 9.

Make a phone call to request an appointment or schedule an interview with an airline or airport manager 10.

Ask for an interview if you are a passenger or employee and can’t make an appointment because of illness, travel or other reasons 11.

Get an airport employee’s approval to drive to the nearest airport office and arrange for a taxi for a 30-minute ride.


Work on the airport’s air traffic control tower, which controls traffic for all flight operations.


Ask your supervisor for an airport phone number.


Request an appointment by phone. 

In 2017, a passenger flying from San Francisco to Phoenix said she was told that she could only get a work appointment if she had a disability. 

She was then asked to take a taxi to the Phoenix airport because she had been told she could not work in an airport without a disability certificate. 

 The airline, which operates the San Francisco-to Phoenix flight, later confirmed the information to, and the passenger has since filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. 

Dickson, however, said the airline was in the best position to determine whether a passenger would qualify for a work assignment in an office. 

The FAA also said it was not going to change the rules for hiring workers, including the work hours they work and how they will be paid.

“Our position remains the same as it has been for the last several years,” Dison said. 

ABC News’ Julie Boorstein contributed to this report.