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Firestone unveils its first-ever golf course

The first of a new breed of golf course designed to appeal to both men and women is set to open its doors in a remote corner of South Dakota.

Firestone has announced plans to open a $6.8 million golf course at the corner of Interstate 85 and Old Town, the largest undeveloped tract of land in the state.

The site is about 1,500 acres and is just one of several planned by the company in a bid to fill an unmet need in the Dakotas central location.

The company will have its first open-pit golf course on the property when it opens in 2018.

The new facility will be about a mile from the old Firestone golf course.

The course will be connected to the nearby Firestone National Golf Club and will be part of the larger development.

The site will house a two-story, 18,000-square-foot restaurant with a tasting room and meeting room, and an outdoor amphitheater.

The facility is also set to house a fitness center, a water park, an amphitheatre, and a community pavilion.

Firestone Golf Club is expected to open by 2020The design of the site is being done by architect Tom Beall, who also designed the existing Firestone Country Club, a private club in the western part of South Carolina.

Beall said the site will be a popular target for families and small businesses.

“It’s a great opportunity to build a business here and create a community, and it will be so fun for everybody,” he said.

“This is the perfect location for a small business and family business.”

The project has been funded with a $2.9 million state grant and $1.8 billion in federal funds.

Firestone said the golf course will have a capacity of about 250 to 275 people and will employ roughly 20 people.

The construction of the golf resort is expected start in 2019, and the site was originally designed by architect Dan Pappas, who designed the former Firestone Club in Columbia, South Carolina, and is known for his work with the world-renowned architect Norman Foster.

He said the course is “a real win-win for everybody.”

“It will be something special for the community,” he told CNN affiliate KCCI.

“The people who live here will have the chance to enjoy the view from this site.”

Pappas said the facility will also offer golf lessons and recreational activities for children.