FREE ONLINE DATING Gender How to get the best appointment from the Maui County Superior Court, Hawaii

How to get the best appointment from the Maui County Superior Court, Hawaii

Posted March 29, 2019 06:02:18In the last few months, the state of Hawaii has been rocked by a spate of legal troubles, including an ongoing criminal investigation into the death of a man in Maui who died in custody after being put in a holding cell.

Now, a new court order will ensure that people convicted of misdemeanors or felonies, such as public drunkenness, cannot be appointed to the Mauai County Superior Judge’s Office.

The order will come into effect July 1, 2019.

The Maui District Court is in the midst of an investigation into whether a woman accused of sexually assaulting her boyfriend during a party in 2015 could have violated the terms of a probation order. 

The order, signed Thursday by a judge who presides over Maui, requires Maui police to file reports of sexual assault, stalking, or other sexual misconduct with the courts office within three months of the alleged incident. 

Maui District Attorney Mark Moulton said that if a report is filed, police will then investigate. 

“If the investigation reveals that the alleged victim did not act in a manner consistent with her rights under the court order, the district attorney’s office will refer the case to the Office of the Attorney General, which will determine if any civil rights violations have occurred,” Moulston said in a statement.

Moulton also said that the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct “will include any other allegations of misconduct made by the alleged victims.”

A woman who said she was raped by Moulson when he was Maui’s district attorney has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Moulons actions “threatened the lives and liberty of others” and that he retaliated against her for filing a complaint.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Honolulu, says Moults actions against the woman were part of a pattern of retaliatory harassment. 

After the alleged rape, Moultons wife, Sandra, and daughter, Kaili, filed a civil suit against Moulions wife, Cynthia, claiming that Mouls actions were retaliation for filing the lawsuit. 

According to the suit, Mouls “threatens” to have her and Kailis children expelled from the family home, and that if they don’t comply with his demands, the family could be placed in a halfway house.

In the lawsuit, Keali said Moulon had “repeatedly asked for and received” the removal of Kailihan, and he would be “saddened and disappointed if he had to have this happen again.”

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Jason O’Neill, who represented Kailia, Kairi, and Kealias father, John, in the suit.

Mauis office of chief justice, Joseph D. Chia, is investigating allegations that Mulson retaliated after filing a lawsuit against Sandra Moulsson, and is expected to issue a ruling later this month.