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Nail appointments to replace Nailsmith on the Way

The Nailsmith of Nail Styles hop has been surrounded by confusion as he is surfing again in the New York area. 

The Nicks had not officially been invited to a convention but it was officials who woke up to the news that their assistant would no longer be on the show and their show would not be back. 

According to Alyssa Nick and the Nocks, they received a call from the producer at the  network and they got a “good reason to” not make a podcast again. 

A friend told them they should make a podcast again because their podcast hadnt been renewed and they wanted to keep their  channel as well as the listener base. 

NICK said he wasnt expecting that, but he had never been a co-host on a show before. 

They had talked about the possibility of making a new podcast in 2015, and it was thought that they could keep it going with the help of their friends at the network who were working for them. 

However when they had made their announcement that their show was to be terminated by the show’s producer they received the following call from the executive producer who said that the podcasts license for the host had expired and that he would have to not renew their license for them. 

In the letter they were told that if they do not want to make the new podcast they would need to apply for an associate licence from another network. 

This left the Nicks completely furious and decided to cancel their new Nics show. 

Their show is still available on the Hudson River Network but they have never heard a word about it from the network since. 

With Nikes not being available in the NY area and with the  network shutting down its network, the new nicks have decided to go back to their roots and create their own podcast, as they have been planning since 2015. 

It will not be a regular episode of the nailsmiths show and will be partially produced by their friend Julian Krause. 

Julio KRAUSE is currently working on his own podcast and isnt interested in being a co-host with NIC NICS. 

But he does have some experience and is ready to make it happen. 

He also worked on several podcast episodes for  The New York Post and said that his passion is podcasting and he wanted to create something that would help the industry grow. 

Krakus has been working for Nies and The New Jersey Post and said that they could help him make his podcast. 

 We know he is going to do a great podcast for everyone and we really love his idea. 

We hope NICOLE NICE and Julio can make this podcast happen.