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Denver’s newest restaurant to open in new strip mall

Denver, CO— The Denver MVD announced Wednesday that it will be opening a new restaurant in a strip mall on North 12th Street in the city’s historic downtown district.

The new restaurant will be called “MV” and will be named after the Denver DMWV, the agency that manages the Denver Metro area.

“MVD is excited to be able to bring our restaurant concept to this vibrant strip mall, as our new location will complement our existing Downtown Denver eateries in an effort to expand the dining experience for our patrons,” said Mike G. Smith, the new general manager of Denver MVA.

“Denver MVA is a great partner in our mission to make Downtown Denver a better place for families to live, work, and play.”

The restaurant will occupy the space that currently houses the historic MVA building.

“The MVD will be able serve the residents of Denver and surrounding communities with a more casual dining experience while also serving as a premier destination for our community and our customers,” Smith said.

The restaurant is expected to open its doors by November.

A press release said that the new MVA restaurant will “offer a fresh take on a classic Denver classic.”

The press release also mentioned that the MVA would work with local restaurants to “make it a more memorable dining experience.”

MVA plans to open the new restaurant sometime between January and April of 2021.

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