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How to save money on your next prescription from Pfizer

The latest news on Pfizer’s vaccines, which could cost you $1,600 more than they are today. 

The New York Times article The drugmaker is set to release the first doses of its flu vaccine on Thursday, and a number of analysts are already warning of serious problems if the drugs don’t perform as well as expected. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the flu vaccine has not yet been approved for use in the United States, and is currently only being tested on animals in China and a handful of European countries. 

Pfizer is expected to release two doses of the vaccine, one of which will be a two-dose shot, and will be the first to be made available to the public in the US. 

That means it will be cheaper than its predecessor, the two-shot Vaxa, which cost $7,400 per dose. 

In its second dose, Pfizer said it is working with the US Food and Drug Administration to reduce the amount of lead it injects into the vaccine. 

“The FDA and other regulatory agencies have been reviewing the data on the first two doses, and have determined that the data indicates that the two doses are safe to use,” the company said in a statement. 

This news comes on the heels of another news flash for Pfizer: the company will soon announce that it has found a way to make a cheaper, generic version of the flu vaccines that have been making headlines since the company released them. 

Last week, the company announced that it had successfully made a cheaper version of its version of Vaxavax, which costs about $8,000 per dose and requires a prescription from a pharmacist. 

Now, it has confirmed that it can make the cheaper version for less than $1.5 million, which is just one-fifth of the price of the more expensive version. 

So the company is going to sell it at a much lower price than the cost of the drug itself, which will make it a better value. 

According to Bloomberg, Pfitzers CEO Martin Winterkorn said the company’s flu vaccine is “going to be the best value on the market.” 

Pfrase has made some big moves in recent months, but this is one of the first times the company has made a decision to focus on a new vaccine.

Last week’s announcement came after Pfizer announced that the company had identified “new opportunities” for developing a cheaper flu vaccine.

Pfizers flu vaccine, which uses an entirely new form of the influenza virus called the Vaxan-B, is scheduled to begin shipping in late 2018. 

 Pfaizer will begin selling its flu vaccines on Thursday and the company says that it will also begin making them available to pharmacies on April 10.