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How to apply for a DV licence, driving licence or an appointment to drive in Queensland

How to make an appointment for a licence or appointment to apply to drive for a police service in Queensland?

Read moreRead moreThere is a maximum of 10 applicants for each of these types of appointments, although there is no limit to how many people can apply for one at any time.

The following table shows which types of applications are accepted for which services:All police services in Queensland accept applications for DV and driving licence appointments, but only those applicants who have a driving licence and a DV registration will be eligible for DV appointment appointments.

If you are applying for a driving license or an DV appointment for an individual who is a non-resident, you must apply for the DV appointment if you:If you want to apply as a nonresident, the DV application process is similar to a regular police service application.

The DV appointment is not a licence application.

The DV application forms can be found on the Queensland Police Service website, as well as online at

To apply for an appointment:Make an appointment with the DV Office in your area, and have your DV licence and DV registration ready to handApply for an DV licence or DV appointment online.

Fill out the DV Licence Application form and return it with the application to the DV office.

A DV Licensing Officer will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your application.

If your DV registration is not currently valid, you may need to fill in a provisional application form.

If your DV appointment has been accepted, you will be given a driving permit or appointment certificate that you can use to drive to a police station in your nearest suburb.

You will need to supply your DV Licencing Officer with a copy of your DV application form and the DV certificate within 48 months of your appointment date.

You may also be asked to complete an application form to renew your DV licences if you are driving with a provisional licence.

If an appointment is cancelled due to a failure to complete a DV application, you are entitled to a full refund of your application fee.

You are also entitled to receive a certificate of completion, signed by a DV Licences Officer, that says the DV licence appointment has completed successfully and the driver was issued a valid DV licence.

A driver’s licence application form can be downloaded from the Queensland police website.

For more information on the DV licensing process, contact the Queensland DV Licenses office.